(C) Simon Vanrie

Inspired by her older brother Oliver Lord, who’s a singer, Blanche started singing and playing the guitar and piano takes from a very young age, always curious to discover new instruments. 

Age 16,she took part in the fifth season of The Voice Belgium, under her real name Ellie Delvaux, and was selected by French pop act Cats On Trees.

She went all the way to the semifinals, and was praised for her touching performances and atypical timbre. After the show ended, she was contacted by Pierre Dumoulin (from the band Roscoe) who offered to try and write some demos for her. They immediately clicked, and after a few writing sessions, they were ready to premier the tracks for Pierre’s record company [PIAS]. Subsequently, Belgian national radio-television RTBF fell head over heels for one of the songs, and proposed she enter the Eurovision song contest. Later this year, Blanche will represent Belgium in Kiev during the 62nd Eurovision song contest, while at the same time writing and recording her debut EP. To be continued …